Musical arrangements ...

Shawn Hines' musical arrangements have been featured in elementary school concert bands, high school marching bands and drumlines, college jazz bands and small groups, reggae bands, musicals, musical reviews, jazz big bands, and small ensembles.

Image of Nori Nori CD cover that links to example of Shawn Hines' horn arranging.
"Everytime I See Her"
(Devin Marsh)
Horn arrangement
(4 trombones)
for Reggae band, "Nori Nori"
Miami, Florida

Liberty City Band logo as a link to musical arrangement of "Ceora."
(Lee Morgan)
Arranged for 2 trpts,
tbn, tenor sax
and rhythm section
(pno, bass, drums, perc)

Image Liberty City Band logo that links to audio of Amaing Grace musical arrangement for big band.
"Amazing Grace"
(John Newton d.1807)
Big band arrangement
for memorial service
tenor sax player Dr. Tony Mancini
rendered in Reason/MIDI

Sheet music and score preparation is done using Finale, and the finished product is sent in both Finale and .pdf formats, along with mp3 renderings done with Reason and Digital Performer.

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